Dangerous Tooth Hazards to Be Watchful For

Dangerous Tooth Hazards to Be Watchful For

Posted by STEIN DENTAL CARE on Jun 29 2017, 03:00 AM

Dangerous Tooth Hazards to Be Watchful For

Although our teeth are built strong enough to handle most edible foods, they are not strong enough to handle everything, including outside risks that can put your jaw and teeth precariously close to danger. Listed below are dangerous tooth hazards to be watchful for:

  • Avoid opening products or substances with your mouths, such as cans and soda bottles.
  • Be careful of the foods you eat, as some can chip or crack your tooth enamel when you bite into them.
  • Contact sports and activities that put your mouth in a place where trauma can occur will increase your likelihood of an oral accident. To combat this effect, wear safety gear.
  • You can damage your teeth and not even know it. Chewing on inedible objects such as pens or pen caps can cause microscopic damage to your teeth or even minor malocclusions that knock your teeth out of position.
  • If you wear mouth jewelry, be careful of the hazards they pose, including being ripped loose, or cracking and chipping teeth.

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