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I am not going to pretend that everybody flosses two to three times a day. If everybody did, my job would be easier! The real question is for when you are doing the brushing and flossing. Which do you do first? Or does it even matter?

Out of habit, some people will brush first and then floss as an afterthought. That order makes sense as the brush will clean most of the teeth and the floss will get what is missed.

However, I always say you should floss first. This way, when you brush, the fluoride can reach every surface of the tooth. Otherwise, the fluoride won’t reach in between the teeth – where you need it most.

Flossing should be done minimally once a day, the best time at night before you go to bed. Note, flossing before brushing guarantees you won’t look in the mirror and say “Eh! I’m going to bed.”